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Fiskboden på Ven 

Fish smokehouse

Freshly caught and smoked fish from our own smokehouse with serving directly next to the harbor quay.

We serve, smoked mackerel, salmon, shrimp sandwiches, charcuterie and salads and more.

Fiskboden serves also alkoholic beverages like beer, wine and genuine Swedish ”nubbe” with the food. 

Address: Kyrkbackens hamn

Opening hours: opening soon

Phone: +46 76 860 68 63

e-Mail: [email protected]

Henrik Ljungkvist

About us

Fiskboden is a fish smokehouse on Ven and has been around for 38 years.

Henrik Ljungqvist took over the business in 2006. Henrik has since expanded the range and also sells cheese and charcuterie.





The fish shop at Hven has been serving smoked fish and other delicious food for 37 years.

We have tables outside for those who want to eat here and have a glass of beer, wine or a ”nubbe” to the food. You can also have your food as a takeout if you prefer to sit on the beach and eat.

If you have a boat in the harbor, you can buy ready-made bags in different sizes and then we also have a luxury variant.

In short, a warm welcome to enjoy something good!


Freshly caught salmon

Eget rökeri

Behind my small fish shed I have my own small smokehouse where I myself smoke salmon and mackerel, among other things.

Take-out Options

This year we will have ready-made bags of food that you can take with you, for one, two or more people. We will also have a luxury variant for you who want to enjoy a little extra. The food is ready to eat so you do not need a grill, stove or microwave.

More info about prices and content will come before the season starts.

Lilla kassen

Small bag

Buy with you to the boat, the beach or home, the little box for one person.

Mellan kassen

Medium bag

If you are two people, the intermediate box is a good fit to buy with you.

Stora kassen

Large bag

The large box is suitable for about four people. Available in regular or luxury variant.


We are located at Ven in Kyrkbacken harbor which is Ven’s finest harbor.

Address: Kyrkbackens hamn

Opening hours: opening soon

Phone: +46 76 860 68 63

e-Mail: [email protected]

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